Recognising and celebrating the highest educational achievements

The Health Food Institute Awards are a highlight of the natural products calendar, recognising excellence in educational achievement and acknowledging those who have made outstanding contribution to the advancement of the health food movement.

The Awards take place at the annual HFI Luncheon in Central London each Spring and are attended by health store retailers, educators, suppliers and other interested parties.

The HFI Awards are:


Periodically the Institute recognises those people who have given outstanding service to the health food industry or to the Institute and this is our acknowledgement of their contribution to the support of our work in raising and maintaining professional standards.

Ian Martin Award

The Ian Martin Rose Bowl Award is given in memory of Ian Martin who for many years was Director of the National Association of Health Stores and Secretary of Health Stores Wholesale. Ian was a significant contributor to the early development of the health food trade.

Better Retailing Award

The Better Retailing Award is presented each year to the owner of the store who Better Retailing Magazine and its secret shoppers have judged to be of the highest standard.

Jimmy Lee-Richardson Diploma Award

The Jimmy Lee Richardson Diploma Award is presented each year to the Candidate achieving the highest mark in last year’s Health Food Institute Diploma. Jimmy Lee-Richardson was the driving force behind the dynamic growth of manufacturing, retailing and publishing in the health food trade through the 1960s.

James Henry Cook Award

A special award that reflects the principles and standards that the Health Food Institute strives to encourage.  We should not forget our past as our industry has been built on strong foundations that retain their relevance today. The award is a silver and rippled ash wood shield commissioned and presented to the Health Food Institute in 1999 by Mrs. Kathleen Keleny to perpetuate the name and principles of her father, James Henry Cook, who established the first health food store in Birmingham in 1898.

It is presented each year to a person or Company closely conforming to the principles set by James Henry Cook, namely a Reverence for Life, support for the Nature Cure Philosophy and adherence to vegetarian principles.

James Henry Cook Award 2014, Richard Austin.

Jimmy Lee Richardson Award for Continuous Professional Development 2010, Anna Hanson.

James Henry Cook Award 2009, Ian Taylor.

James Henry Cook Award 2008, Jan de Vries.

James Henry Cook Award 2007, Ray Hill.

James Henry Cook Award 2006, Roger Lane.

New HFI Fellows 2006.

Multiple award winner 2010, Kate Murray.

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