The Health Food Institute Professional Courses are for those working in the natural products industry. There are two parts to the HFI Professional Diploma Course. The HFI has also developed a short course for Field Sales personnel, known as the Supplier Course. 

Professional Diploma Course - Part 1


Our Professional Diploma Part 1 helps you develop a working understanding of the health food industry, best practices, health and safety, as well as an introduction to the various products found in store, effective selling, and their safe use.

Professional Diploma Course - Part 2

Our Professional Diploma Course Part 2 is a deeper dive into the products available in a health food store, and their safe usage, storage, and any issues around this to give you an in-depth every day working knowledge.


Supplier Course For Field Sales Personnel


We now offer a single module shorter course for suppliers and their sales teams to develop deeper understanding of the Health Food Industry.